Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is this site an official site of NFL?
A1: No, this site is not official website or any part of NFL.com

Q2: The given product on this site is it’s own property?
A2: No, we are using third party content for our fans or available from online. Our fans can easily reach their needs through our website. We are not responsible for the premium product(live streaming, vpn etc) and also the free live streaming.

Q3: So, where can I claim for the product’s support?
A3: You can claim the trusted site’s where you have bought your products. If you still don’t find any solutions or any support, you can contact us. We can help you to reach them.

Q4: Is the live streaming product legal?
A4: The live streaming product we share is not our own product. So, we do not take responsibility about the legality and copyright of this product. We just share which is available online and reliable for users. If you have complain, please report us to remove them or contact with the broadcasters.

Q5: Is this really shows the live stream game?
A5: The streaming sites we have shared, they said they are offering NFL live streaming all game online. If you are unable to find your expected streaming or game, no problem. Every paid streaming have refund policy. You may ask back your money from the streaming holder’s website. And we also hate scams. If you found scam, don’t use the service and just ask back your money. You will get 100% refund.

Q6: Do I need an extra hardware to streaming NFL game?
A6: No, you don’t need any extra hardware. Need just a working internet connected device.