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Watch Steelers Game Live Streaming 2018 Free NFL Gameday

NFL Game: Pittsburgh Steelers football Live
Gameday: Sunday, January 14, 2018
Kickoff Time: 1:05 PM ET
TV Channel: CBS
Location: Heinz Field

Link 1: NFL Live Stream Game (Premium & HD for PC, Mac, Android, IOS(iPad, iPhone))

Link 2: Pittsburgh Steelers Live Stream Game (sponsored)

Link 3: Pittsburgh Steelers Live Stream Game (sponsored)

Link 4: Pittsburgh Steelers Live Stream Game (free streaming)

Valid free streaming links will be posted around 10-15 mins before kickoff!

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Link to Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule for the upcoming Football Game.

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  • Rebecca Braun

    streams aren’t active

    • pronfl

      The links are working. Clear the cache of your browser and reload this page again, you will be able to watch the game.

  • Dave

    will this update at kickoff?

    • pronfl

      Premium streaming is always working with so many features and the free streaming will update before 10-15 minutes before kickoff

  • Brianna

    Will it let you watch it on this link when it is time for the game?

    • pronfl

      Yes, right you are.

      • Brianna

        Thanks so much!

  • Michael Pearce

    Can you watch it outside the United States?. We have Steeler Nation here in the Bahamas too.

    • pronfl

      Sure. It’s available all over the world

      • Michael Pearce

        Thank you!

  • john gomez

    when will the free stream for pittsburgh start today

    • pronfl

      About 10-15 minutes before kickoff

      • john gomez

        cool thank you

  • Brianna

    What exactly do you have to do for it to start playing?

    • pronfl

      Starts generally 10-15 minutes before kickoff

      • Brianna

        I know that, but do u just stay on the page and wait for it to start?

        • pronfl

          Refresh this page, you’ll get the updated links

      • Danielle Hatton

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      • Md Rajib Shaikh

        Good news guys, this website called NFLHDTV .COM lets you watch.. NFL. I recommend this site, because, I have been watching from them for a long time.I see there for a long time so I can recommend this website to You.

      • Al Mamun

        Subscribe premium streaming or wait for free streaming links which will update generally 10-15 minutes before kickoff.

    • andy rambers

      Watch it online on ScreenVariety TV . It’s the best place to watch online with the best quality on web. I can highly recommend it, so go on and look for ScreenVariety

    • Marlen Vassallo

      Take subscription on ScreenVariety for $30/yearly if you want to watch game

  • rachel

    all I am seeing on my screen right now is a still picture of the pittburgh stadium? is something going to happen when game starts?

    • pronfl

      Use any of the given streaming links

  • DC

    Free Streaming should not require that I have to provide a Credit Card….

    • Guest

      Thank you Michael2345 I already did…….

      • Michael2345

        I hope you did not provide the cc. It is 100% fraud. There are sites that have similar domain names like genuine streaming and then they put malware on it. For example firstrowsport . eu (without s) is one of those. There are plenty of them. Best way is to google the website. The website than ranks in google are the genuine ones even when they have weird domains.

  • derick

    how do i takeoff the add in the middle of the screen they don’t come off

    • Michael2345

      find the small X

  • Ikbal Hossain
  • james

    any body else here

  • Chrissy Stokes

    8 minutes till kickoff, still can’t get anything to play, very paranoid Steelers fan in Charleston, SC

    • pronfl

      Clear your browser cache, cookie and refresh this page. It’s working now

      • Chrissy Stokes

        not working for me 🙁

  • james

    when will it start

  • james

    were it at

  • tori

    If I click on a link (2 or 3) it’s just rerouting me back to this page…

    • Chrissy Stokes

      same for me

      • sean mcmartin

        same here..

  • sean mcmartin

    Its not working for me..

    • pronfl

      Everyone please use this free streaming link until the site is working
      We are working so solve the problems. Please be patience and stay with us. We are apologize and also sorry for this.

      • Nathan Countryfedandarkansasbr

        thanks guy! it works.

  • james

    it going to start

  • pronfl

    Everyone please use this free streaming link until the site is working

    We are working so solve the problems. Please be patience and stay with us. We are apologize and also sorry for this.

  • frances

    The site you gave works, thanks

    • Amanda Armitage

      whats the site, i cant get on these links!

    • Md Rajib Shaikh

      Good news guys, this website called NFLHDTV .COM lets you watch.. NFL. I recommend this site, because, I have been watching from them for a long time.

    • Al Mamun

      The site now working.

  • Adisc1

    Doesn’t work on ipad 🙁

  • jannat

    best best game ever!

  • Abraham

    So how does this work again

  • Abraham

    How does this work

    • Just follow any streaming


    IM READYYY!!!!

  • Caitlin

    HELP! How do I get rid of the ad boxes?

    • Find the small x to close the ads

  • Marty Taylor

    I have refreshed and cleaned history the streaming isn’t working

  • Chris Rubio

    site still work ?

    • Chris Rubio


      • Ya! any doubts?

        • Chris Rubio

          just checking I’m ready for sum Football! so about 10 mins before kickoff a new link will be provided then?

          • Then, you can stream the game with the link

  • david

    where is the link for this game

    • All links are above has been updated 15 minutes before the kickoff. Clear your browser cache and cookies and refresh this page.

  • Vincent

    Will it work on ps4

    • Premium streaming has no option for PS4. But, you can watch the free streaming by your flash enabled browser.

  • Angel Alba

    umm i tried this game and i downloaded the flash player and the ads on the screen for the links wont go away

    • You don’t need anything to download, it’s ads. Don’t download it. Click the link and wait for a few seconds and close the ad and watch the game

  • Angel Alba

    oh nvm haha im blind i didnt see the “X” on the screen lol

  • tjg

    the links cut off the end of the steelers game. All the sudden I got Dallas… Did this happen to anyone else? It was before the end of the game. I had to check my phone for final score.

    • Try on other streaming links

      • tjg

        I did but it didn’t work they all switched to Dallas. It was weird cause
        for me the game had not yet ended. No worries. I will try it again for
        sure. You guys have the best streaming out there! Thanks!

        • I don’t know, why they are switching channels. but, I will see next time

  • cc

    I keep trying to watch the Steelers game and every link that says Steelers is NOT the Steelers?????

    • The game is over. So, you could not get it now.

    • Mark

      As he has stated several times of what to do, just scroll through the messages..

  • Matt

    does this really work and does it cost anything. Thanks

    • Both premium and cost free are available

  • Myrick Cutz

    What do I do?? I e.ven signed up for a “free” account it said I had to sign up for and even gave them my credit card and theirs still no game

    • No need to sign up for free streaming. My be you clicked on the ads. Just stay on the free streaming site and don’t click the ads and close the ads using small (x) after a while.

  • JMAL

    Will this be updated tonight?

    • yes, it will be within a few minutes

      • Mark

        Do you get tired of telling everyone the same thing over and over because they can’t seem to follow simple instructions? LOL.. Happy Steelers fan! 😉

  • Nikolaus Maschke

    Does premium cost and what’s the difference??

    • Yes, it costs and have different packages. Quality and other features available on premium streaming.

  • Nikolaus Maschke

    Its not alloying the oakland game to stream

    • It’s playing the right game, I have checked now.

  • CBSt

    looking to view steelers v saints at 1PM Eastern 11/30/14. Is this as simple as it seems?

    • Yes, just follow the described steps

  • steve

    have updated links posted yet?

    • Yes, it’s updated already on time

  • Me

    Will I be able to watch steelers vs bengals tonight?

    • Yeah, you can

      • Me


        • Use the updated links on above

          • Me

            What link is the best? It says I have to put in my credit card info when I sign up

          • Bunch of links, use which suits you better.

  • Michele Andrew
  • adam

    Is the steelers ravens wild card game in hd

    • Premium stream like NFL Game Pass is full HD, but others quality depends on availability.

  • Jami

    Is the wildcard game going to stream free tonight?

    • It will stream tonight

  • joel

    all the free streaming links lead right back to this page

    • It’s updated, check now.

  • mark

    how do you get the game to start and is it free

    • Links are updated, clear your browser cache and cookies and refresh this page. You will get working links.

  • scott

    hey its not working

    • Links been updated, clear your browser cache and cookies and refresh this page. You will get working links.

  • You need a adobe flash player enabled browser to watch this game. Get help from here

  • Jay

    I cannot get past any of the links. they just redirect me to this page. And i have cleared my cache

    • We are sorry! We can not post links tonight for our server issue. Better luck next time

      • clay

        so no game tonight?

        • There’s a problem on our server from last day. Hope it will back soon

  • Damon Avery

    all links loop back to this page

  • BetterRockHill

    Links 6 is the best

  • Brian Perky

    i live in Louisiana and was wondering if this free live stream is available in the U.K?
    … The reason I’m asking is after the new year I’ll be moving there.

  • Carlton Penn

    I live in Pa and they gave us the Pats Bills game, what an insult

    • Brian Perky

      watch for deflated footballs lol

  • Gary Vanderwater

    Where are the links for todays game?

  • Carlton Penn

    this crap doesn’t work

  • Brian Perky

    I’m still not getting any links

  • Wyatt Hillyer

    its not working

    • There has been posted several links and they are working fine. Just checked

  • Caitlin Ae Ree

    I can’t get it to work!!!

  • Karen

    I’m not getting any links for the game. I just keep getting the same stupid message about them updating 15 min before kickoff. Well it’s past kick off and still no game. And how exactly do you clear cookies on a phone?

    • It’s been updated. Check now.

  • kylie

    when will links be up

    • Stated above already that, paid link is ready always and free streaming links will be update 10-15 minutes before kickoff

  • Johnny

    Every link I click tells me I gotta sign up or download something… Do I?

    • Maybe you are clicking on some sort of advertisements. Just ignore that ads and close them with close (x) button carefully and enjoy the games.

  • Johnny

    Every link wants me to download something? Why

  • hqlove

    yeah im in Vermont all I got is th pats and jets I need to know how to get my Steelers S.O.S

  • Anonymous

    Can i watch on a PlayStation 4 browser?

    • You can watch via any adobe flash enabled browser.

  • Jennifer Lopez

    Subscribe premium streaming or wait for free streaming links which will update generally http://nfllivetv20.blogspot.com10-15 minutes before kickoff

  • Glory Hayes

    I can’t get in! I have sat through all the adverts and I still can’t get into the game via any of the links

    • Advertising is not a part of us, it’s controlled the stream holder. Better, you close them one by one and enjoy the game.

      • Glory Hayes

        I’d love to but it won’t play. None of them. :/ maybe I’ll try using a gift card and try to get for free for two weeks

  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Washington Redskins Live Stream Game Monday, September 12, 2016

  • Blake

    does this still work? just have to wait 15 mins before kick off?

  • Von Lamey

    How about just televising the damn game. Fed up with this NFL BS!!

  • Von Lamey

    Please post my review. Why is there a delay? You’re not manipulating the system are you?

  • fredkellygrant

    how do i see the game

  • donato

    I surrender, this is crap. Free Streaming??? Every link asks for signup and most ask for credit card. Bologna! Keep it.

    • May be you clicked on the advertising. The streaming is fully free at all.

  • chris

    hey does this free streaming of all the steeler games still work? or do we have to pay

    • Yes, this will work on game time. And no issue, if you want to pay for the paid streaming. As your wish and you are most welcome to watch the games.

      • chris

        I tried to watch it but no links were available even after clearing everything and refreshing the page so what do i need to do exactly to get a free link to watch the game or how much is it to sub to get an instant link

        • There is always a paid link and free streaming links is available on game time

          • chris

            I havent seen one on game day at all yet even tried last season and nothing ever came up 10 to 15 mins before right when kick off starts amd even 10 mins after a link has never showed up

          • You did any mistake. So many users used to watch NFL games through our website and we update the free streaming links 10-15 mins before the games time. Better try next time

  • Bev Frantz Pagotto

    Do you have to click one of those links and register?

    • Free streaming doesn’t need any registration but, paid and premium one must be.

  • Fawn Lewis

    link 5 worked perfect for us today. Thank you so much. My Steelers’ fan was very thrilled.

  • Benjamin Jones

    hey hows it goin, it looks like this is a steelers site but im interested in dropping directv sunday ticket and watching only ravens regular season games. can i do it here or a site somewhere else? any direction is appreciated, thnx alot

  • Ed Geary

    what video player do you need to make this work? I desperately want to stream the PGH vs Ravens game.

    • You just need a flash enabled browser to watch the video

  • Ed Geary

    Do you have to be logged in to watch these links???

    • Need to login for premium streaming, not for free streaming

  • Heber Trevizo

    Go Colts