Watch Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Super Bowl Live Stream Game

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Watch Super Bowl 2018 live streaming Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots game Football online February 4 NFL Post Season apps PC, iPad, Mac, Android, iPhone live online

Watch Patriots Superbowl Game Live Streaming 2018 Free Gameday

Super Bowl 2018 Live Stream Game NFL-Online

NFL Game: Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots football Live
Gameday: Sunday, February 4, 2018
Kickoff Time: 6:30 PM ET
TV Channel: NBC
Location: U.S. Bank Stadium

Link 1: Super Bowl 2018 Live Stream Games (Premium & HD streaming for PC, Mac, Android, IOS(iPad, iPhone))

Link 2: Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Live Stream Game (Sponsored)

Link 3: Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Live Stream Game (Sponsored)

Link 4: Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Live Stream Game (free streaming)

Valid free streaming links will be posted around 10-15 mins before kickoff!

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  • Seth Nichols

    when will the links work?

    • pronfl

      The free streaming links will work before 10-15 mins before the game

      • Seth Nichols

        I am just asking cause the game started and the links on this page are just reopening in the new window, there not sending me any where.

        • pronfl

          You may have a mistake, the game is not started yet. Tomorrow is the gameday of this game(Gameday: Sunday December 15, 2013 and Kickoff Time: 1:00 PM ET). Check the schedule carefully.

    • Rachele Rhine

      I am always watching NFL on ScreenVariety website, i registered last year and I still enjoy it

  • Katie Cressman

    is this really going to play the full live game today?

    • pronfl

      Yes, you can watch the full game from here.

  • José Durden

    what time start exactly?

    • pronfl

      About 2 mins to kickoff the game

  • Lynda Pellitteri

    Links link right back to this page.

    • pronfl

      Clear your browser cache and cookies and reload this page

      • Lynda Pellitteri

        thanks! it worked

  • Cheryl Sullivan

    I can’t wait to see the game today live streaming

  • Gary Hubiak

    I am (trying to)
    watching from Mexico…is the streaming blocked here?

    • pronfl

      Clear your browser cache and cookies and refresh this page. You will get the streaming links.

  • ruben

    I’m trying to watch the game live on my note 3 help someone

    • pronfl

      You need to access via premium NFL game pass app or, need a adobe flash enabled browser to watch the free streaming.

    • Alexander Chu

      Is it working now on your Note 3?

      • You need a adobe flash player enabled browser to watch this game on your note 3

  • jane romnicki

    you should looking for ” Man’s cave football ” if you want to watch HQ

  • Timothy Heath

    when will the links for the redskin and patriot game work. the free one?

    • pronfl

      Already updated, refresh this page for new links.

  • Timothy

    How do I watch the Patriots game on here?

    • pronfl

      Follow any of the streaming

      • Timothy

        ok thanks

      • Sofia Ritz


      • Helane Akl Darazi

        It’s not working for there are a reason

        • JJ Skillz

          You may have to try different links, starting at link 3. Links 1 and 2 are linked to and you have to have their all access pass or whatever.

    • Sofia Ritz


    • Rachele Rhine

      I don’t know how to watch free but for few $ you can watch it on ScreenVariety TV. There you can watch that game without any blackouts or some other popups

    • Marlen Vassallo

      I don’t know how to watch free but for few $ you can watch it on ScreenVariety TV. There you can watch that game without any blackouts or some other popups

    • Eve Cobbler

      I will watch nfl online on ScreenVariety . I think it’s the best NFL option

  • Dave

    watching the Pats/Panthers Game. WIll this only be available for preseason or reg season too?

    • pronfl

      It will be available during the whole preseason and regular season and also post season

      • Dave

        and all for free??

        • pronfl

          No. See this page and links specified carefully

  • jason

    Do does this really work i live in new jersey nd i hate watching the jets nd giants games plz say yes


    Even though this says free streaming is it actually free to stream it?

  • John

    These links are not working

    • Just checked the links, they are working fine. Clear cache and cookies of your browser and try again

      • HopeDealer


        • Nothing to install. Just need adobe flash enabled browser to watch the game. Then, use any link and even you can try the all. That’s it

          • HopeDealer

            will try that! Thanks…

  • Patriots

    I’m trying to watch the patriots game. How do I do that?

    • Just follow any streaming as given above.

  • Kerry Rodriquez

    I’m trying to watch the Patriots game on my laptop…..someone please help me I click all the links and nothing……Here in Virginia they prefer to air the Browns vs Raven….ughhhhhhhhh

    • You made anything wrong. I have checked all the links and they are working fine. Click any link and stay until the stream loading and may takes a minute. Don’t click on ads

  • Maverick

    Link 6 says it’s protected by the user?

    • Links are fixed, also you can try another link, here is more than one options

  • Emon

    waiting for the game…New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs

  • jason

    Does the streaming only begin at 1pm for the pats game? The link keeps bringing me to the front page!

    • It’s already updated. check it

  • casey

    how do i follow the streams

    • Follow means, use any stream

      • casey

        oh ok so do it now or when the game starts

  • Halli

    Is it just me, or are all of the links broken? I haven’t had this many problems any other Sunday.

    • Halli

      Correction, the links are fine. None of them have video when they load though. Only ads.

      • Video is working on the links. But, you have to wait for a while. It’s fine, I have checked a several times

  • Ethan

    where r the streaming?

  • Anthony Garcia

    Trying to watch the NE/Denver game today. Can I watch from Oregon and
    will I be flooded with viruses and pop ups??? I tried another site last
    year and it messed my computer up.

    • Yes, you can. There is no viruses on our website. But, the external free streaming links have some ads

      • Anthony Garcia

        Thanks….is there a way to prevent the ads???
        15 minutes before game time I can access the link(s)???

        • You can watch the game on time.
          You can try adblockplus for blocking ads.

          • Anthony Garcia

            Thanks…will try that…have a great day!!

  • JamesHM

    Best match up of the season and CBS will show the Raiders and Seahawks game rather than this game. WTF CBS? Are you retarded?

    • m1k3

      yes they are… they blacked out the first Pats preseason game to only local live broadcast too. Can’t stand that! More viewers = more money from advertising. I don’t get it.

  • Jim

    I am in Germany and would like to watch the New England game on my iPad, not computer savy not sure what to do?

  • Jim

    Ok thanks

  • John Boshell

    free streams are not working the link just takes me right back to the website where link is posted using safari cleared my cookies and cache still same problem any help?

    • Are you crazy?
      Already stated above that, “Valid free streaming links will be posted around 10-15 mins before kickoff”.
      Don’t you see that? And the game kickoff is about 50 minutes to go. Be patient, you can watch from here.

    • Cyn

      I am having the same problem. Except it also wants me to sign into Skype.

      • You can watch the game after kickoff. Be patient and check it back on time

  • Cyn

    I can’t watch the game without signing into a Skype account?

    • No need skype. Just subscribe any premium streaming or wait till kickoff to get the free streaming links.

      • Cyn

        When I click on the link, it gives me a popup to sign into Skype. When I click “don’t allow”, it sends me back to the screen with the links. I cannot see the Pats/Broncos game.

  • Tristan D

    So when the game starts i just click on the free link and i can watch the game? Or is there more steps to it?

    • Then clear your browser cache, cookies and refresh this page.

      • Tristan D

        Than you sir, i got my tv to work anyway, but if it stops working again i will come here 🙂

  • Charlie

    Still doesn’t get me to the game!?

    • Clear your browser cache, cookies and refresh this page. You will get the free streaming links

  • Use the streaming links above

  • Sora Kinutsumiya

    How do I watch the game live?

  • patnation

    thank you first time streaming

  • tiger8221

    All I’m getting is the KC/Pit game and not the NE/Jets game

    • Links are okay, just checked. Everything is working correctly

  • Joey

    I am from Germany is it possible to watch the Game on my LapTop tonight or are there any ‘geographic blocking’ on this page?

    • There is no geo blocking for International users like Germany. So, you can watch the game via “NFL Game Pass” app. Just subscribe and install NFL game pass from here

      • Joey

        But i wanna use it on my laptop not via Game Pass is it also possible? I expect this streaming is for free, isnt it?

        • You can use NFL game pass on your laptop and it is true HD with no ads which is the best streaming for NFL games. But, it’s a paid streaming. If you go for the free one, you have to wait till kickoff, where we will update the free streaming links and there have some sort of ads and the stream quality may not HD.

          • Joey

            Ok thank u for your help, i hope the quality will be good enought. 🙂

  • john

    hey do i have to wait before kickoff for live stream

    • You can subscribe the premium streaming if you want. But, if you want free streaming, the above links will be update usually 10-15 mins before kickoff. So, wait till then.

      • john

        thanks! appreciate it

        • You are welcome dude!

  • Rafael

    Will the free streaming links still be posted ? thanks

    • Yes, it will be posted before kickoff

  • Alexander Chu

    “Valid free streaming links will be posted around 10-15 mins before kickoff!”

    Do you guys ever read?

  • jacob

    cant watch the pats playoff game on here

    • Every streaming links is working and updated. Clear your browser cache and cookies and refresh this page, you will get the streaming links to watch this game.

  • RonBrozino


    • You can watch the Indianapolis Colts vs Denver Broncos game live stream via this link

      • RonBrozino

        thank you very much as our direct tv provider and its technicians are backed up 2 weeks i have gone 8 days with no tv as much as i fought with them( telling them i am gonna miss the no avail still have to wait thanks again!!!!!

  • Patrick McGrath

    Is this a free stream or do I have to sign up for something?

    • No need to sign up for any free streaming

  • Daltons RockShow

    would b great if u had both games

  • NFL|Super Bowl XLIX PrRE Live Stream Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots|

    coinfunder com/project/view/id/3337

  • scott

    none of them are working

    • Sorry, it’s our server problem. Trying to fix it

  • New England Patriots vs Pittsburgh Steelers

  • RMB

    How do I watch it on my iPad

  • Jordan

    Will this place have links working soon? Game starts in 10 minutes and it’s not up yet.

  • Kelleen Johnson

    trying to click on link 3 and it just refreshes the page?

  • Mike Holgate Sr

    Non of the “free” streams are working, no I don’t want to go to Hong Kong!

    • Every single link is working, something wrong from you.

  • Zachary Conway

    what the hell happened with fox 44. last nite it said it was going to show on fox44 and today its the packers and panthers game. Besides its a one sided game so far (packer vs panthers). Somebody at fox needs to dealt with. this is BS.

  • Cardinals88

    Links don’t work

    • Links are updated 10-15 mins ago. Try to clear your browser cache and refresh this page. You will get working stream links

  • Jessica de la Paz

    Link do not work this is bad #nfl #patriots links must be test by digital team periodically and On different platforms!.

    • Each and every links are working fine. I have checked the links. Try again by clearing cache

  • Kevin Crabtree

    What is this bullshit? I have charter can’t watch it legit and I’m not signing up for your stupid fucking webpage.

    • There is no signing up form is from our website. It’s external third party website, who manage such kind of ads. You may block the ads and watch the games

  • John

    on a sailboat in maryland and trying to watch the pats game today. do these links work? Will it really be free? We dont mind watching the commercials too

  • David Keeley

    I cant get it to work anyone have ideas

  • jack

    i can’t find the patriots games 🙁

  • Sam Vasiliou

    Do I need to use a credit card for these to work?

    • You don’t need credit card for the free one. If you use premium streaming, you may need.

  • JrodB

    not working for me either

    • Bunch of links has been posted and updated. Try out which is working for you

  • JrodB

    Thanks pro