How to Access NFL Game Pass International in USA to watch NFL 2017 Live?

So many people wants to know, how to access NFL Game Pass International in USA and Watch nfl games online 2017 Live Stream on PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and So many devices?

NFL Game Pass App Live Streaming

Now, it can be watch NFL game live stream on iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac via NFL Game Pass official Apps.
Generally, US IP address are denied to register and watch NFL game pass international apps. Even no one could see NFL game pass International from United States(Which has live streaming NFL games options). NFL game pass Domestic has only access to NFL game rewind as on demand options.

See the image below, how the differences between NFL Game Pass Domestic and NFL Game Pass International.

NFL game pass every game
So, just follow the process and you can watch the NFL games live stream easily.

Step 1:

First you have to get a VPN for accessing non US IP addressess. So, register premium ZenMate VPN and confirm any package of subscription.

ZenMate VPN sign up page
Then Download and install the ZenMate VPN application on your Windows PC/Mac/iPad/iPhone/Android or your browser by login their website.


Step 2:

Open and Login to your ZenMate VPN App with your username and password.
Then select a non US IP address and connect it.


Step 3:

Now, just go to the NFL Game Pass International(all games) from here.
Select any plans of pricing as you want by using Subscribe button there.

NFL game pass 2017 pricing

Step 4:

Fill out your information and payment details and complete Sign up.


Step 5:

Then login to your NFL game pass app and watch NFL live stream 2017-18 Season according to NFL 2017 Schedule. Enjoy every Game.


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If you have complain, please inform the appropriate and official contact or report us to remove it or any part.

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  • Jeff Hebert

    does this work??

    • pronfl

      This will work for sure.

  • ok2525

    I don’t mind paying I just need to know if the Chiefs vs Browns game will be available, will it be live or delayed? can I pause or rewind? and if it is delayed, by how long?

    • pronfl

      NFL Game Pass is officially telecasting NFL games live worldwide. So, you can watch all the games easily from here. If you want to rewind any games, you have to buy NFL Game Rewind service like the NFL Game Pass. NFL Game Rewind will allow you to rewind all the past games.

  • Anthony Belsanti

    does this work from a desktop?

    • pronfl

      Yes, this will work almost all devices including desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, android, mac

  • Ti Moyer

    Can I purchase Game pass for just one game. I don’t want to miss the Dallas Vs. Eagles game this Sunday.

    • pronfl

      There is no options for just a game. There is some other options for NFL Game Pass like: Season Plus access till 31 July 2014, 7 Days Pass and Playoff pass which can be access 3 Jan 2014 through 10 Feb 2014

  • BFLyles

    Is the connection using this method stable and reliable or are there lagging and pausing issues with Game Pass? My internet connection speed is very fast at 50Mbps. Should I have any problems?

    • pronfl

      It’s one of the best way to watch nfl games online without creating any problems. Your internet speed is good enough for no lags or pause. You can watch it smoothly.

      • BFLyles

        Great! I’m in then!

      • BFLyles

        Is it possible to see a game after it has already aired? Say 3 or 4 hours later?

  • BFLyles

    Is it possible to see a game after it has already aired? Say 3 or 4 hours later?

    • pronfl

      Then you have to subscribe the NFL Game Rewind service.

  • Justin

    Is this available for download on the XBOX1 console

    • pronfl

      Sorry. NFL game pass is available on Xbox, but not the HMA app

  • Lauren

    Can I watch this on my smarttv with google for free? trying to get the Cowboys/Dolphins game tonight!

    • pronfl

      NFL game pass is not free. But you can watch each and every game with NFL game pass smart tv may not be supported by NFL game pass

  • jags

    So it doesn’t matter that my billing address is US?

    • pronfl

      Try using non US billing address, it will be better.

  • Dan

    will i need to use the foreign vpn once I have already signed up to watch the games?

    • pronfl

      Yes, you need foreign ip when using the NFL game pass. It will better for your NFL game pass account.

  • Big Garnetjohnson

    How to watch the football game on my tablet

  • alicia

    I’m inthe US and I saw 2 options to be able to access the live streaming for the games. Do I still have to register for a different ip address if I go for option 2? Or will it only be me signing up and I go straight to the games?

    • You need different IP addresses only when you try to access or register to NFL game pass.

      • alicia

        With The other option would i be able to watch the games live though? Or is it just with the nfl game pass that you get the live streaming? I’m sorry, a little confusing and I’m trying to get it for my fiance

        • Ok, you can watch the NFL games through from the other streaming options too. But, NFL game pass is the best option for watching NFL.

  • chris

    My google play says the app isn’t available in my country, how do I get around that?

    • You have to change your IP location with non US IP by vpn. Follow the instruction given above.

  • chris

    I did that, I am on a non US IP address and it let me buy game pass but now it won’t let me download the app to stream the service

    • chris

      So I basically just wastes over $100 dollars following these instructions. Completely connected to a non-US VPN and paid for game pass and can’t download the app to stream is BC there’s no way to trick google play into thinking you aren’t in the US

    • Connect a North American IP, try using another IP.

      • chris

        I tried Australia and Canada and am getting the same issue every time

        • Don’t use any north american IP. Use European, african or asian IP.

          • chris

            Ive tried 10 non north american IP’s and good play has the same message every time……’item not available in your country’

          • chris

            How are others getting around this? I cannot be the only one with this issue

          • Follow up your mail

  • phxsteelerfan

    i did all then it asks for my credit card info to pay. i get this message

    “You must be physically located at your billing address in order to subscribe…”

    so my vpn says Germany or Canada but my credit card info still shows US. how do i get around this?

    • Try using different IP address. You can use US billing address but don’t use any North american IP. If still you are getting problem with this, contact us via e-mail.

  • Brian Guthman

    How can i get free live streaming for steelers game

  • jp

    is it too late to sign up for nfl game pass this season? i’m not able to watch games as i had been and don’t want to miss postseason

    • It’s not late. You can watch the postseason games with NFL Game Pass

  • Nick Stern

    Will game pass be on xbox one this season??.

  • Dave Garcia

    so two payments one to HMA and one to NFL?

  • Tim

    Can I access live NFL games while I am travelling in China with this app?

    • Sure, it can be watched from anywhere